Steel & Raw Material Transportation, Foreign Freight Forwarder


Transportation of steel, raw material and plant mainly in Asian shipping route

We develop import and export business of general cargo and plant basically steel and raw material of JFE group in international shipping department

Steel transportation

Targeting booming market in Asia

We offer total logistics service from each JFE STEEL WORKS to overseas customer in coordination with our local subsidiary with newly chartered small handy ship of 10 to 30 thousand tonnage class.

Point 1

Our convoy of transport ships have the most advanced energy saving equipment, hold heating system and box-shape hold suitable for steel transportation.

Point 2

We thoroughly supervise safety operation with the most advanced system and an experienced marine management and work out marine transportation of steels with high quality and additional value on the basis of stability and safety.

Point 3

We proactively develop a steel transportation between three countries in addition to backload transportation from each south-eastern Asian countries to Japan.

Raw material transportation

Handling of small handy ship to Panamax bulk carrier

Point 1

We transport coal, auxiliary materials, non-ferrous metal including iron ore.

Point 2

We handle all kinds of ships not only small handy (18,000 DWT) but Panamax bulk carrier (80,000DWT) for every lot and material.

Point 3

We transport raw material from third country to overseas production base which doesn't go through Japan.

Foreign Freight Forwarder

Overseas cargo transportation service with our variety of facilities

Offer International Multimodal Transportation for import or export products between Japan and other foreign countries and cross transport between three counties. And prompt handling with our integrated door to door service is available by full using a mix of means of transportation including ocean, air, rail or road carriers.

Coordinate the optimum solution for international transportation, including packing, custom clearance, and storage in warehouses, by combining transportation method such as container ship, conventional ship, airplane and truck.

Point 1

Total support for intermodal delivery from the country which received the products to Asian destination such as Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines or China with our abundant experiences and our global networks.

Point 2

Offer consistency services to import or export small rots of mixed cargo and to construct heavy facilities to provide coordination with our Plant Construction Division.

Point 3

Manage all products from overseas or Japan by consistency support